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Every client is important to Coind, from the smallest specialist concerns to large groups demanding and developing dedicated products for large retail channels.

The philosophy and care that goes into every product is the same for every customer. There are no differences in market or size when looking for a top quality product, indeed the more niche the market the greater the challenge, and this is what we thrive on, seeking to get the most from every single raw coffee bean.

As compatible coffee pod and capsule manufacturers, we understand all the different features and needs of every company, and this is why there are no limits to our collaboration: we are the first to learn from the productions our customers order from us.

Every private label production is a different story, a chapter in the great book of Coind quality productions. Despite this, every collaboration is closely linked to the following and previous one by the same fil rouge of quality. Every customer request, every suggestion and comment helps us to think about our productions from different points of view, never taken for granted, always seeking for opportunities for improvement.

Packaging and roasting coffee for other brands means exactly this: willingness and open-mindedness in the face of the new, the true stimulus that pushes us to innovate and achieve more and better every time.

It is thanks to this critical, analytical approach, developed with a view to continual improvement, that we have been able to work with many of the big names in the beverage world in Italy and abroad, including:

  • Coop
  • Conad
  • GruppoTuo
  • Camst
  • Cir
  • Carrefour Argentina
  • Dunnes

The supermarket chains Coop, Conad and brands in the GruppoTuo chain rely on Coind to produce their private-label coffee ranges; so do Camst and Cir, important, expert businesses in the collective catering field, who have chosen us to serve the best espresso to their own customers.

For Carrefour Argentina we manage the coffee sector of the Carrefour Selecciòn range, dedicated to traditional products around the world, with an eye for quality and typical foods and beverages; while for Dunnes we produce the coffee in the Simply Better range, dedicated to products which, like the name says, are “simply better”.

Working with Coind therefore means taking up the challenge knowing that the partner company at your side has extensive international experience, having worked and grown since the 1960s yet remaining true to the idea of quality that has been guiding us since the beginning.

Don’t sail the seas of this business alone; choose Coind to advise and support you, because we have sounded the seabed and know all its secrets and peculiarities.

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