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It’s time for good coffee.

This is the payoff of Meseta coffee, which has always supported those looking for a coffee able to offer a unique taste experience.

Meseta Caffè Espresso symbolises the pleasures of conviviality. A pleasure that can only be enhanced by quality coffee, like the one produced by the years of experience of Coind. This brand was one of the first to be created by Coind Trading, the Coind sales division, and immediately made its mark as a byword for quality coffee, loved first of all in bars and later in retail chains.

The attention to every step of production makes this coffee so special, both for those making coffee at the bar - sure of offering their customers a top-quality product - and those selling it through retail channels, as well as consumers who will appreciate the aromatic delights of Meseta blends in the cup, every time.

Coffee in capsules or pods, beans or ground, the common denominator is always the same, that of a coffee that will delight from the very first sip.

The careful selection starts on the plantations, where experts select the best plants along with the drupes (the cherries which produce the coffee beans) with the best yield. More than 11,000 controls are performed between the countries of production and sale, to protect clients and consumers and achieve the set quality standards. Alongside expert technicians, machines and IT systems offer significant supply to the work of man, guaranteeing precise controls in all steps of coffee processing. The green coffee beans are roasted following specific computerised roasting curves, to bring out the best of every characteristic of every type of coffee. Then the beans are ground using latest-generation roller grinders that pulverise the coffee, strictly monitored by a laser granulometer. Packaging is the last step: here all the attention goes into the hermetically sealed lid, which keeps in all the flavour and aroma of the coffee until the package is opened. For Meseta coffee bean blends, Coind adds another step, that of “resting” for two weeks in the warehouse: this allows the blend to stabilise and reach full maturity, and after the OK from the expert tasters, be ready to serve bars and retail chains.

With its own formats and production, Meseta covers all roasted coffee business areas: from Ho.Re.Ca to Retail, through Vending, Meseta can be found in various formats, all sharing a single purpose, that of ensuring that anyone can enjoy a coffee with that unmistakeable flavour.

Meseta and Ho.Re.Ca

The brand was initially intended for the flourishing hotel industry, where it made its name starting from the capital of Emilia, Bologna.

The wide range of coffee beans was designed specifically to satisfy the most varied needs of bar clients, who are increasingly demanding but also increasingly able to recognise and distinguish different quality blends.

Supercrema, for example, offers an intense coffee with a decisive flavour; Oro Bar and Crema d’Oro are perfect blends for making a typical Italian espresso, with a careful balance of Arabica and Robusta; the use of African and Asian Robusta beans has produced Espresso Bar and Soave, two blends which create a particularly intense coffee. On the other hand, Supremo is an aromatic coffee blend with fruity tones made from 100% Arabica.

The range of Meseta coffee beans also includes Organic and FairTrade options, as the Coind Group has always been committed to social and environmental sustainability. And it is in this spirit that three types of coffee bean blends were created: Beneficio, BioFair and Barista Bio, created in full respect of the environment in the production countries.

In the Ho.Re.Ca sector, Meseta stands out not only for the coffee bean blends designed especially for bars, but also for a range of bar accessories that help to define the profile of a bar right down to the finest detail: cups, sugar dispensers, Meseta branded glass cups, which make the furnishing unique.

Meseta in the Vending and Retail sectors

Meseta also supplies its coffee to the vending machine sector, supporting coffee breaks in offices and public places around the world.

In this case the coffee supply range includes beans, capsules and pods, all in special blends that offer an unforgettable taste experience.

All Meseta caffè products are sold through the Retail sector, and particularly the Capsule House e-commerce site: ground coffee and coffee beans, coffee pods and above all capsules that are compatible with all the major manufacturers, including Nespresso and Lavazza A Modo Mio.

And for ground coffee, the company has also come up with Organic and Fairtrade variants: Macinato Meseta Bio Filter, designed for American coffee; Meseta Bio Tostatura Media and Tostatura Scura, with 100% Arabica from organic farming.

For the retail sector the company has two ways of marketing its own compatible capsules:

  • Meseta Espresso Tuo, a proprietary system for single-serving capsules including both a coffee espresso machine and the capsules, available in blends Classico, Intenso and 100% Arabica.

  • Meseta Capsules System (MCS), the innovative system designed to offer the perfect espresso coffee in your own home: a range of capsules and machines which are also compatible with Lavazza Espresso Point

Meseta and its Certifications

For Meseta certifications are the test bench for measuring the quality of its products: the Coind Group and all its brands stand out for their high quality standards, and the many certifications awarded bear witness to this. The most important include:

Coind was one of the first Italian companies to obtain UNI EN ISO 22000 certification, the standard certifying food safety management systems, aiming to monitor everyone involved in the production chain. UNI EN ISO 9001 certification ensures the strict control of company processes, aiming to meet the implicit and expressed requirements of clients. Coind is certified to OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) which refers to the state of Worker health and safety.

As through its brands the Group produces, prepares, imports and markets Organic & FairTrade products, it is controlled by the Italian Organic Farming Inspection Consortium CCPB. Through a system of strict standards, audited by the independent body FLO - CERT, Coind has Fairtrade Certifications to ensure the respect of the rights of producers and workers in developing countries, guaranteeing a fair and stable price over time.

The blends Meseta Crema d’Oro and Oro Bar are certified by the Italian Espresso Institute INEI (Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano): this certification system protects quality espresso coffee through certification recognised by CSQA (Certified Software Quality Analyst).

Coind is certified by the BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global Standard for Food Safety, a standard created to assess retailer branded food product suppliers to ensure that they comply with some clearly defined fundamental requirements and quality standards. The company also meets the IFS (International Food standard), the equivalent of the BRC in central European countries.

One of the peculiarities of the company is that of its Kosher productions, meeting strict control standards linked to the culture and rules of the Jewish religion, which is regularly audited by a rabbi. This kind of certification specifically targets the Jewish community around the world, and the strict application of its rules ensures the protection of consumers whatever their religion.

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