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The Coind Group

The Coind Group is a leading Italian industrial group operating, a private-label coffee supplier which processes over 7,000 tonnes of roasted green coffee and serves 7 million consumers every year, with clients of the calibre of Conad and Coop.

Established in the 1960s in Castel Maggiore in the province of Bologna, Coind - short for Coop Industria - was founded as a small coffee roastery at the initiative of Coop Consumatori, aiming to supply small cooperative outlets.

The key to its success, and which has led it to become the solid business it is renowned as today, was precisely that of covering, right from the start, a market segment which flourished in later years, that of the private label production, bearing the distributor’s brand. Coop Industria has therefore always been a co-packer - contract packager - a company producing and supplying products to other brands. Another very profitable choice the Group made was to work right from the start in the Large Retail Sector, thus guaranteeing major clients.

Over the years, after becoming a Group, Coind has diversified its production and today has four production sites across Italy, including other non-food production sectors.

Coind: production of private-label coffee

At the centre of all Coind’s production lies its passion for coffee, the company’s core business for the past sixty years, constantly characterised by the highest quality standards.

Over time, the Group has become a trusted brand for coffee consumers and distributors, and a byword for quality for all its clients.

This has been possible thanks to the great attention the company pays to its production processes, with every step monitored closely using sophisticated technologies.

Each step leading to the creation of a special type of coffee, whether ground, beans, pods or capsules, is constantly and closely monitored.

The controls begin right from the harvest - in the plantations in the production countries, including Guatemala, Brazil and Colombia - when the Arabica and Robusta beans are carefully selected and chosen according to the specific type and blend.

When the beans reach Italy they undergo chemical and physical analyses in the laboratory as well as tasting tests by a pool of experts who roast a small sample to test the sensorial characteristics straight away.

Thereafter, the roasting phase is particularly important for producing coffee roasted in the best possible way to allow all its potential to be released, without any burned appearance or flavour. The coffee is ground using cutting-edge techniques to obtain the perfect grain size, ideal for use in compatible capsules and ESE coffee pods or for sale in packs of ground coffee.

The final phase is blending and packaging: blending is done with a careful mix of Arabica and Robusta, each time ensuring an authentic Italian espresso; packaging is done according to the tastes of the client, creating packaging that perfectly meets their requirements.

Private-label production has assured the company’s rapid expansion in the sector, successfully focusing on the growth market of single-serving coffee in capsules and pods.

The Group currently produces the following coffee formats:

  • Coffee in capsules

  • Coffee beans

  • Ground coffee

  • ESE coffee pods

Coind sells these types of coffee through different channels:

  • Through the Private Label channel, producing compatible capsules, pods, coffee beans and ground coffee for other brands;

  • Through its own bar and catering brands;

The passion for coffee has led the company to become a member of the Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano, an institute founded in 1998 to guarantee qualified blends, but above all to create its own coffee brands:

The first two are dedicated to the Italian market, with bar and café formulas, as well as B2C e-commerce sales; Caffè Attibassi is the company’s gourmet brand, focused on the export of Italian made craft coffee: its clients are distributors and suppliers of coffee to bars, but also those wanting to open a bar with a light and more innovative formula than franchising, like the one proposed through Attibassi licensing.

Coind’s main sales channels are retail and food service: the major clients of the first are Coop, Conad and Gruppo Tuo, and of the second Camst, CIRFood, Marr and Doreca.

Coind: other production sectors

Coffee is not the only one of Coind’s historical passions, which cover different sectors.

The solidity of the Group has allowed it to focus attention also on other production sectors, including consumer goods in the food sector (beverages, preserves and frozen foods) and non-food sector (cleaning and cosmetics).

Currently the “Coind family members” include:

Coind s.c

This historical company in the Group produces coffee in all the available formats: single-serving compatible capsules and pods, coffee beans and ground coffee.

Coind s.c works in all areas of roasted coffee, from Ho.Re.Ca serving hotels, bars and restaurants to Automated Distribution, serving coffee in vending machines in offices and public places.

Coind s.c also includes Coind Cosmetics, the branch producing cosmetics for other distributors. The production site, in Noale in Veneto, produces over 25 million pieces a year, and is a leader in the private-label cosmetic production sector.

The many years of experience have allowed Coind Cosmetics to make many tried-and-tested cosmetic formulas at the disposal of its customers ready for sale, and also develops specific formulae tailored to the needs of its clients.

Coind Trading s.r.l.

This branch sells coffee through the food service channel, in which the products are processed by professional operators before being served to consumers.

With its products, Coind Trading srl covers all the needs of the bar and catering world: not only coffee, but also professional equipment for catering outlets. Not only selling blends under its own brands Meseta and Carracci in Italy and Attibassi abroad, the company also supplies all the equipment needed for coffee processing.

The main clients in this branch include large Italian catering and hotel chains, its many years of experience supporting the company in meeting the needs of complex organised businesses.

Fruttagel s.c.p.a.

Fruttagel is the company in which the Group has shares: the company processes fruit and vegetable products into foods holding in all the sensorial properties, and also markets quality fruit and vegetables. Specialist in the production of fruit juices and nectars, frozen vegetables and tomato paste, the company groups together 14 farms which, along with 250 other producers, bring together the best products from all over the Emilia Romagna region. The higher-than-average quality of organic ingredients assure the quality and reliability of the company.

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