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Caffè Carracci

An espresso coffee worthy of a great Italian tradition, a touch of luxury you can treat yourself to at any time of day. This is Caffè Carracci, a young brand born in 2014, which counts on the solidity of the great industrial concern Coind to move quickly and flexibly in the coffee market. Launching this brand, the Group aimed to passionately research, select and produce premium coffee blends, spreading the authentic, irreplaceable pleasure of coffee drinking around the world, that pleasure which is renowned as one of the icons of our country.

The roots of the Carracci brand lie in Italian art and perfectly express the combination of tradition and modernity, blending Italian-made style and quality.

The name of the brand pays homage to the famous fail of painters from Bologna, Agostino, Annibale and Ludovico Carracci who in the 16th and 17th centuries made a decisive contribution to the return to Renaissance canons, contrasting the Mannerist current. This return to an older style was both a symbol of tradition and modernity, as the three brothers decided to renew and rethink the Renaissance canon according to the artistic needs of the time.

It is precisely this mix of ancient and modern which inspired the creation of the Carracci blends: these are the perfect combination of advanced technologies and the ancient art of coffee production. The distinguishing sign lies above all in the renewal of the ancient art of making coffee, remaining firmly attached to tradition.

This new-ancient blend is also underlined by a logo using antique-style font, on an elegant black background which adds a touch of modernity.

Every step of the production chain creating the Carracci blends is, like all Coind ranges, strictly controlled: from the plantations in the distant production countries to the arrival in Italy, every coffee bean is checked by the expert hands of the company staff to ensure that they conform to the set quality standards. The technologies used and Coind’s fifty years of experience monitor all the steps in the long path the beans follow once harvested. It is only in this way at the Group can ensure the amazing result of the coffee in every cup.

Carracci: Ho.Re.Ca and Retail

Along with Meseta, the Carracci brand constitutes the Group’s range dedicated to the Ho.Re.Ca channel: these coffee bean blends are designed specifically by the company to meet the many needs of bars and catering outlets, with a vast assortment that satisfies even the most demanding palates.

Like Meseta, the Carracci range includes not only bean blends for bars and food service channels, but also a complete line of “furnishing” products designed to enhance the bar’s image: cups and glasses, sugar dispensers and craft-made capsule holders that make an elegant addition to the profile of any bar.

Along with Meseta, Carracci is currently distributed on the B2B on-line store dedicated to the coffee world: Capsule House was in fact set up to supply Coind coffee brands to a wide audience in different formats.

Here you can buy capsules that are compatible with major brands, pods, coffee beans and ground coffee.

Carracci and its blends Napoli, Bologna and Milano

When first launched in 2014 the Carracci brand had three bean blends with special characteristics and names inspired by three great Italian cities: Naples, Bologna and Milan. This symbolic choice aimed to conjure up the colours and fragrances of each one of these cities to each of the three blends.

Alongside the beans, Carracci has also proposed these blends in Nespresso compatible capsules to exploit all the ease and practicality of capsule machines and above all to be able to enjoy a cup of excellent espresso coffee at home. The range of capsules is completed by a new blend, called Palermo which brings all the warmth of this Sicilian city to the cup.

The range also includes a deca version for those who love caffeine-free coffee.

Carracci Miscela Napoli

And this blend shows off all the presence of the old and the new. Napoli is by definition to home of Italian espresso, here coffee is not just coffee, it is an art form.

With the Carraci Napoli blend, Coind aimed to underline pictorial tradition and skill, but above all the intensity of character: this is done by a majority of Robusta, from plantations in Asia, which give this coffee its decisive flavour, with hints of chocolate.

A dark, thick and persistent cream characterises this blend. The presence of Arabica completes the aromatic profile, balancing the acidity and bitterness. The persistent flavour and the full body of this blend make Napoli ideal for an energy-boosting break or pleasant after-meal drink.

Carracci Miscela Bologna

There just had to be a blend dedicated to the capital of Emilia, the home of Coind, offering a fine combination of taste, flavour and aroma.

For those who like a classic coffee, that typical taste of bar-served espresso, the Carracci Bologna blend is a skilful mix of Arabica from the Brazilian and Indian highlands with premium Robusta from India, Africa and the Far East.

The perfect result in the cup comes from the coffee with its hazelnut coloured cream, persistent on the palate, and great, rounded character.

The mix of Arabica and Robusta brings out all the fruity, floral hints that keep the acidity at bay, with a persistent aftertaste.

Carracci Miscela Milano

Carracci Milano is another worthy member of the Coind 100% Arabica coffee range: elegance and sophistication are the beating heart of Italian fashion, and are fully expressed in this blend dedicated to lovers of elegant, aromatic and delicate coffee.

With a base of premium Arabica, it holds all the typical fruity and floral hints supported by a pleasant acidity, accompanied by full-bodied sweetness. The underlying bitterness is hardly perceived, but is in any case indispensable for completing the profile of this blend.

Milano is not your usual coffee, and this makes it ideal for treating yourself to a special break, a pleasing little ritual waiting for you whenever you wish.

Carracci Miscela Palermo

Alongside the first blends dedicated to Napoli, Bologna and Milano, Carracci has been inspired by another city for this original creation, Palermo: as intense as the Sicilian sun, this blend is ideal for an energy-boosting break or an intense after-dinner coffee.

With a strong, full flavour, Palermo is the blend for those who prefer a particularly strong flavour, with a high percentage of Asian and African Robusta. On an intensity scale of 1 to 10, this coffee hits 10, beating Napoli, with its very intense profile. A bitter aftertaste, dark colour and blend that is smooth on the palate: this is the Palermo blend, you won't forget it.

Carracci Miscela Decaffeinato

For those who for any reason have to limit their caffeine intake, Carracci has come up with a decaffeinated blend: so you don't have to renounce on the flavour of a perfect, authentic espresso. The percentage of caffeine is no more than 0.1%.

Carracci decaffeinato is made from a careful selection of Arabica and Robusta, to create a harmonious coffee with a well-balanced mix of acidity and bitterness.

Ideal even after an evening meal, this blend offers a pleasantly fruity aroma with all the body and typical quality of the brand.

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