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Attibassi: supplying gourmet coffee around the world

Attibassi is the historical Bologna brand chosen by Coind to export authentic Italian espresso around the world, that full-bodied, fragrant coffee Italy is known and loved for abroad.

A rich coffee, with a hazelnut coloured cream on the top, an intense black and balanced flavour: these are the characteristics of Attibassi Espresso Italiano blends, the result of exclusive recipes obtained from years and years of experience and experiments aiming to produce the perfect coffee.

Attibassi is the perfect blend of antiquity and modernity: the genuine flavour of artisanal products from the ancient Attibassi laboratory immediately after the war, along with the modernity of Coind’s current production processes, used to create unique quality blends monitored in each step of the production process.

Being recognised for the quality of our products and the production of coffee with unique characteristics: this sums up the mission of Attibassi, aiming to satisfy the needs of bar and café managers as well as coffee retailers and suppliers, as well as their customers.

Attibassi Bologna: history

1918, Bologna. The capital of Emilia, which in years to come would become the capital of the food valley, is home to a craft laboratory run by Agostino Atti, master pastry maker and Marco Bassi, an emigrant who returned from Argentina with a sum of money: their main products were coffee and chocolate, and despite their rather humble beginnings, the popularity of their goods came quickly.

In 1925, the premises which were originally the laboratory became an authentic business, with around twenty workers, becoming increasingly specialised in cocoa and chocolate processing. Attibassi became more and more famous, above all for its chocolate, sweets and preserves that delighted the Bologna people at breakfast. From that time on, the brand continued to grow, in terms of both size and popularity, and soon became the size of a modern industry.

Coind chooses Attibassi for its coffee distribution

Attibassi joined the Coind Group with headquarters in Castel Maggiore in 1993, and at the start the group managed the company’s sales. It was finally bought out in 2010 when Coind became the effective owner of the historical Bologna brand. Since 2015, production has focused exclusively on coffee.

Attibassi thus became the company branch in charge of spreading the quality of the blends born from the marriage between Coind-Attibassi around the world: the exported product range is smaller than other Coind brands, as the articles are highly selected.

The Attibassi coffee range includes five types of capsules, two pods, two ground coffees and three types of coffee bean blends, from producer countries recognised for the quality of their coffee pods plantations such as Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala for the Arabicas and India and Africa for the Robustas.

Attibassi markets its own products through two dis channels, allowing it to make its name throughout the world for the quality of its products: through coffee dealers and distributors and through the bars opened with the licensing system, that make easy to open a coffee shop with Attibassi.

Distributing Attibassi coffee

Over time Attibassi has developed a network of distributors across the world who make the brand known for the quality of its products. The company provides assistance and support to anyone wishing to become a dealer or licensee of the Attibassi blends, an interesting business opportunity for anyone with a passion for quality coffee looking for interesting challenges that can offer great satisfaction.

Becoming an Attibassi coffee distributor means transmitting everything this brand embodies: experience, excellence and, of course, the taste of authentic Italian espresso.

To do so, the distributor must have perfect knowledge of the coffee world and be able to pass it on to his clients. In this regard, Attibassi delivers training courses to its dealers on the company’s core business, including the history of coffee, the plantations, the types of coffee, the processing and roasting techniques. These topics make the licensee a more solid and well-prepared figure able to make his business more profitable and lasting.

Open a café with Attibassi: licensing

Licensing is the other way of distributing Attibassi products, by opening Attibassi branded cafés and bars around the world, in a structured programme created by the company offering continual support to businessmen and baristas. Founded following the interest of foreign investor in the brand, Attibassi licensing is a winning model, as it is faster and leaner than normal franchising: the latter often slows down businesses in their growth process, linked to royalties and the like.

Attibassi licensing breaks down these barriers, supplying investors and businesses interested in taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the company with a “turnkey” formula.

The advantages of this model can be seen on different levels: the businessman benefits from a functional solution that is already up and running, without any bureaucratic hindrances to be overcome; lesser of the bar - which will become an Attibassi Cafè - can on the other hand be sure of receiving the monthly rent due to the solidity of the model and the guarantees offered; finally, the barista, and therefore the “frontman” at the Cafè, can count on the best equipment supplied by Attibassi and can take advantage of the training provided by the company, and its Espresso School, to learn the techniques and “tricks of the trade” to use in the bar.

The licensing programme runs in Italy and abroad, and today there are about thirty Attibassi Cafés around the world, including Kenya, Egypt and the Arab Emirates.

Through the Attibassi Cafés, the company aims to offer not only excellent coffee with carefully selected blends but also a 360° experience linked to this premium beverage.

Espresso School and the baristas training video

Attibassi Café baristas and dealers are trained through the training centre which the company has called, not by chance, Espresso School: the Espresso School aims to train anyone interested in the Attibassi world, from businessmen to dealers to baristas.

Since its foundation around ten years ago, training at the Espresso School is based on highly practical courses which aim to teach the fundamental techniques required by a barista: how to prepare coffee and cappuccino, how to prepare special coffees and the “latte art”, the decoration of dispensed drinks with frothy milk; trainees are also taught coffee grinding techniques and the dispensing times needed to ensure the perfect beverage, as well as notions of professional machine maintenance, which is indispensable to ensure that the machines are kept in perfect condition over time and are always ready to dispense delicious coffee. The lessons also include more theoretical topics on the history of coffee, which are useful for completing the professional profile of anyone entering the coffee business.

Espresso School courses are held in the Attibassi premises by professional baristas, allowing all students to work with top level professionals and ask all the questions they need to. What makes the teaching special is the training of the students in marketing: lessons lasting two or three days are dedicated to learning the basics of communication and advertising, to offer nothing but the best to final customers.

“Casa Attibassi”: a new product range

Attibassi also means evolution: alongside the passion for coffee, which has distinguished the company right from the start, the brand has turned its attention to other food sector segments which are never too far from its “first love”, always based on craft traditions and great quality: in 2017 these premises led to the “Casa Attibassi” project, a line of premium products that are all complementary to coffee: oil, vinegar and three types of pasta, designed as top-quality artisanal products.

Designed above all for export, a preview was presented at the Host trade fair in Milan in 2017.

The project bears witness to the company’s great versatility and how, with a new line of products, it intends to strengthen the concept of “made in Italy” beyond the national borders.

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