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Nespresso compatible capsules

Facing up to a challenge like the sale of coffee can be complex, especially when having to stand up to large, expert competitors like multinationals on your own. This is why it is important to know and establish commercial relations with an expert partner with in-depth knowledge of the market, like Coind. Supported by an expert roaster and producer, the many complexities involved in starting a business are simply solved.

Another great challenge is that of finding a populated, active platform to target your attention and range on the market, and also in this case, to help businesses, Coind has specialised in the production of Private Label Nespresso capsules, thus offering all the quality and excellence of Coind espresso, but in the format proposed by the Swiss company.

The solid reputation of a name like Nespresso is a guarantee of quality and reliability, in an increasingly changing and evolving world. The strength of the Swiss company, a member of the Nestlé group, founded in 1986 with a team of competitive expert staff, makes this a safe, reliable platform for anyone wishing to start a business selling compatible capsules in this format.

The company is present in 64 countries, and every day 340,000 customers purchase Nespresso products. This data however concerns only the official distribution channel, the boutiques, and therefore does not consider the huge turnover linked to the world of compatible capsules.

Recent data on the spread of this brand is even more exciting and important for investors. It is estimated that almost 11% of the global market share of capsules sold is linked to the Nespresso name. Every year the potential market for this share increased by 4 million consumers in North America alone, and therefore anyone wishing to market compatible capsules using this system has access to an absolutely significant market share.

The production of private-label Nespresso capsules is an important business to be maintained by Coind, certainly a tough one but which can offer huge satisfaction. While at the start the Swiss company sold its own-brand machines and solutions only in Italy, Japan and its home country, global development has led to a huge user base, with increasingly profitable and concrete business opportunities, ideal for investors wishing to enter the coffee business exploiting all the advantages of a hugely popular platform, of course being able to count on a reliable partner like Coind, which makes available its own experience and knowledge to produce compatible Nespresso capsules for other brands.

Nespresso compatible capsule specifications

The production of compatible Nespresso capsules designed and implemented by Coind allows the company to supply top quality capsules to its clients, at the same time guaranteeing the perfect compatibility of its own models with all the machines produced and sold by Nespresso.

Some of these Swiss machines use mechanisms and strategies to make the use of compatible capsules difficult or even impossible. For example, the Inissia model has an insertion mechanism that has been modified to make the use of compatible capsules difficult. Coind capsules however do not have this limit, as they are produced with exactly the same shape as Nespresso originals.

These are small details, but even an oversight of this kind could seriously damage the success of a company wishing to market this type of product.

As concerns the capsule specifications, the Coind solution uses PP containers in different, customisable colour.

One of the characteristics on which the Swiss company has built its image is certainly that of the colour of its capsules, a distinctive, characteristic feature in a sea of black or white cups and glasses.

Coind allows its clients to choose their favourite colour to mirror the flavour of each blend on the outside, and to customise the appearance of their own compatible capsules.

In addition to customised colours, this product can also count on an attractive design and patented “click” opening on the bottom of the capsule.

The capsule lid is made from aluminium, which can easily be separated from the plastic container, so that both elements as well as the coffee inside can be correctly disposed of.

Every capsule contains 4.5 to 5 grams of roasted, ground coffee depending on the blend. The click-opening on the capsules is activated by the pressure of the water in the machine, allowing the product to be used even with machines without needles or to prevent wear on those which are. The same pressure also generates the hyper-extraction needed to obtain a particularly intense and aromatic espresso.

All these checks and corrections were made because, as explained, the development of compatible capsules with the Nestlé-owned system is not easy, but develops full, incomparable knowledge in the portioned coffee sector.

The capsules are packaged in two solutions, one designed to keep in all the flavour of the coffee in the capsules:

Sealed packs of 10 capsules or individually wrapped capsules

  • Box of 10 packs or 100 individually wrapped capsules


Barrier Nespresso capsules

A separate paragraph should be devoted to barrier Nespresso capsules.

Normal capsules that are compatible with the Swiss company system are not able to keep in all the aroma of the coffee when exposed to air, so a solution had to be designed to guarantee the capsules’ resistance to air and gas, to be able to leave them out of the packaging without any problem.

To create this, we had to dig deep into our own knowledge and develop a new production process, based on our solid experience.

And so Coind also specialised in the production of barrier compatible Nespresso capsules, offering clients a complete product, appreciated by consumers not only for the taste of the coffee inside but also for the way the capsules are kept.

To solve the problem of conservation, Coind produces its barrier capsules in PP/EVOH/PP, a method already perfected on some of the company’s other production lines, however offering the possibility to produce the capsules in the client’s favourite colours. In this way, it is in any case possible to distinguish a strong, intense coffee from a delicately full one, just by the appearance of the capsule.

The outer shape changes, but not the inner substance. This solution can also count on Coind's exclusive, sophisticated coffee blends, as well as the completely customisable blends at the specific request of the client.

Whether you wish to distribute “traditional” or barrier capsules, Coind is able to satisfy all the needs expressed by its clients in terms of the production of private-label compatible Nespresso capsules.

The company’s experience and know-how are placed at the disposal of its clients, offering a guarantee of always marketing the best coffee for the chosen platform. The care taken in the creation of the blends, the processing and packaging are distinctive characters of Coind's products, allowing them to meet all the expectations on the supermarket shelves, online and above all the consumer’s palate.

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