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Lavazza Espresso Point

Lavazza Espresso Point

Producing compatible capsules for other brands is, for Private Label Coffee Capsules, and therefore also for Coind, a mission that is put into practice every day, by selecting the best coffees to the satisfaction of many clients.

The result of intuition dating back to the Sixties, that of the private label production formula, was and is for Coind a very important business, making the company a market leader in this sector today. The Group became stable over time, since 1961 - the year of establishment in Castel Maggiore - thanks to its passion for all kinds of coffee, and today is one of Italy’s leading roasters, also working in the production of private-label coffee pods and capsules.

Compatible pods and capsules have become widespread in the past 10 years in Italy and around the world: the idea of a perfect espresso, just like the one served at the bar, but enjoyed at home or in the office, has captured millions of consumers who take advantage of the simple capsule machine mechanism every day, by simply pressing a button to get a perfect cup of espresso in just a few seconds.

The popularity of this system and the progressive presence of increasingly more tough competitors on the market has meant that, to stand out in the crowd, you need to meet two indispensable requirements:

  • High quality blends

  • Capsules and pods compatible with the big names on the market

Lavazza Espresso Point capsule production

Capsules compatible with the Lavazza Espresso Point system are made from PP, the perfect material for coffee capsules because it is highly resistant to the very high temperature reached by the water dispensed by the machine, with a lid made in two different ways:

  • Filter paper or micro-perforated layer seal

  • PP lid

The capsule packaging comes in single packages in an individual flowpack for boxes of 18 capsules, or a box of 50 or 100 loose capsules.

The individual packaging of each capsule helps to keep in all the freshness and flavour of great Coind coffee until the espresso is dispensed into the cup. Being individually packaged, the capsules are sealed in a protective atmosphere, keeping in all the aromatic fragrance.

The capsules are of course guaranteed to work with all the machines in the Lavazza Espresso Point system.

The private label Lavazza Espresso Point system capsules produced by Coind are the ideal solution for the market, for selling capsule systems that guarantee quality and safety for both the retailer and the final consumer.

Every capsule contains 6.4 to 7.5 grams of roasted, ground coffee depending on the blend. Coind skilfully grinds the coffee to create a powder with a uniform grain size and purity, guaranteeing excellent results in the cup, preserving the rich flavour during extraction.

The company’s aim is to always offer the certainty of a top quality product over time, as constant as the incredibly smooth and persistent cream obtained from extracting the coffee.

In addition to the production of compatible Lavazza Espresso Point capsules for other brands, Coind is also present on this market with its own brand, Meseta. The MCS (Meseta Capsules System) capsule range is fully compatible with Lavazza Espresso Point capsules and can therefore be used with the Espresso Point standard machines, as well as with Meseta machines.

Coffee production and pod packaging

Without the correct preparation of the coffee processing, Coind would not be able to supply a good quality product with attention down to the finest detail.

This is why the bean is selected “from birth”, and “abandoned” only once the processing is finished, when it is ready to leave the factory on the trucks heading for shopping centres and client businesses.

Coffee, from the plant to grinding

Compatible capsule production doesn’t start with the green berries, but even before, by selecting the best plantations.

Coind instils its experience and skill in the selection and processing of the best Arabica and Robusta varieties into every single product. The blends obtained have a unique flavour and intensity, and every cup releases a different combination of fragrances and flavours, all sharing an excellent taste on the palate.

It is important that a company leading the coffee pod packaging market well understands the differences between different blends of coffee. The different blends lead to different tastes on the palate, and every blend is created bearing in mind the taste that the client wants to obtain.

If they are looking for a full flavour, the blend must be created with a good dose of Arabica. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more bitter blend, with a strong body, you need a larger quantity of Robusta.

From these simple distinctions, we can see how even the smallest differences have an impact on the final taste.

Having chosen the doses and the recipe of the blend to be packaged, the coffee roasting process takes place, giving the bean that dark brown colour we all recognise.

This is a delicate, complex phase. It is important not to stress or treat the coffee harshly during roasting, as an error in this phase could seriously compromise the whole process. Excessively roasted coffee becomes bitter, with an unpleasant taste in the cup, so full attention must be paid to ensure that the beans are not burned.

After roasting comes the powdering phase, to produce the coffee powder to fill the capsules with. The blend is meticulously controlled with a laser granulometer, a special instrument that checks that the coffee powder has the right size to free all its fragrance and flavour in the water when the espresso is extracted.

Production of coffee capsules and customised packaging

Now comes the moment of actual pod packaging. The compatible plastic or compostable bioplastic capsules are filled with the blend established by the client and sealed in a protective atmosphere using gas which leaves no trace on the smell or taste, like nitrogen. This ensures that the coffee powder keeps its full aroma and fragrance over time. In this way, it is possible to keep the coffee up to 2 years after sealing inside the capsule, and give off all the aroma and flavour of just-ground coffee.

After processing, the capsules must be packed in suitable packaging.

Coind’s professional staff ensure customised packaging that meets the specific demands of every client.

Even the external appearance of Coind compatible capsules must allow consumers to understand the quality of the coffee they contain, so managing the product packaging and presentation is vital, because, as they say, it has to please the eye too.

So if your business idea is based on the sale of compatible Lavazza Espresso Point capsules, Coind is the expert, reliable partner you're looking for to create and produce compatible capsules for your private label.

Coind is able to offer the certainty of a top quality product which will guarantee excellent results when the espresso is extracted.

So leave your business in safe hands. Rely on real professionals.

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