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Coind has developed a proprietary system to extract the best espresso coffee. Quality is based not only on quality coffee, but also the best machine and the most careful processing.

This is the idea behind EspressoTuo, the capsule platform developed and marketed by Coind through its proprietary brand Meseta, which has also become the choice of several Italian and European chains for developing their own capsule systems. Adopting the Coind proprietary system means accelerating the process of developing and modifying the platform, with sophisticated customisations which allow capsules and coffee machines to be sold under your own brand.

Producing coffee machines and capsules with the private label EspressoTuo system has allowed Coind to show how much detail makes all the difference in achieving quality results for an increasing number of commercial partners. Everything must be perfect in those 30 decisive seconds in which the water crosses the coffee powder, so nothing can be left to chance or produced without the closest attention.

The EspressoTuo system capsules

Every element in the patented EspressoTuo system was created with just one purpose in mind: to obtained the best possible coffee dispensing, guaranteeing satisfactory results for the palate just like an espresso coffee at the bar. This means that the capsule materials and design, as well as its contents - the coffee powder tablet - were studied specifically to achieve this result.

Every capsule is made of 3 elements:

  • An exclusively sized polypropylene (PP) cup. The chosen material is resistant to impacts and high temperatures, and its function is of course to make a strong shall for the delicate contents inside.

  • Customisable coupled aluminium lid, which can be printed with the logo of the brand distributing the products with their own label. The film lid was designed to be peelable, it has a tab to make it easy to separate it from the rest of the packaging. This is an ecological choice, so that all parts of the capsule can be recycled.

  • And finally, the precious contents. Inside the capsule there are from 6.1 to 6.4 grams of coffee, depending on the blend used.

The capsule is developed according to precise criteria. The bottom is perforated, in order to create a filter through which the coffee is percolated. This detail means that extraction is very similar to the process used in professional coffee espresso machines in bars.

The tiny holes allow the water to flow slowly and uniformly through the powder, extracting all its fragrance and flavour, as well as ensuring a correct percolation speed.

Just like professional machines, even small household coffee espresso machines suffer from the problem of either over- or under-extraction of the espresso, so to obtain a high quality coffee this must be controlled very closely. Coffee lovers well know that if extraction is too quick the espresso will be under-extracted, with little flavour, like a cup of dirty water. Vice versa, slow extraction produces a bitter, burned coffee, far from an authentic espresso.

The special shape of the capsule, along with expert grinding, perfect dosage and careful pressing of the coffee all ensure the perfect espresso, with a thick, persistent cream, that you would normally only find at the bar.

These little containers are packaged in bags of 15 capsules, designed for both individual connoisseurs and families.

Of course these capsules only work with EspressoTuo machines.

Another advantage is the possibility to cover different areas of the the beverage sector. In addition to coffee, capsules can also be produced with barley coffee or tea, complementary products that are appreciated and sought-after for special times of the day or different seasons.

Coop and EspressoTuo, a winning combination

The EspressoTuo system is particularly linked to commercial partnerships between Coind and Coop.

The system our group developed was in fact adopted by the supermarket chain for the Italian market, developing and selling the FiorFiore capsule range, under the chain’s umbrella brand devoted to gourmet products.

The huge production efforts were well rewarded by the results obtained: tens of thousands of FiorFiore machines have been sold, and in 2016 alone over 50 million capsules were sold. The figures confirm the success of the agreement and the system, developed and launched in late 2012.

There are many reasons for the success of the system: in addition to the guarantees of quality and safety offered by the Coop name, another fundamental element was Coind’s ability to develop capsules with different blends, each with its own character and flavour, skilfully created using different roasting curves. 9 different coffee flavours were developed, as well as a barley coffee capsule, offering a variety of moments of pleasure suited to the palate of every customer. Moreover, the modern, compact design of the coffee espresso machines, designed by Coind, means a product with a high visual impact, embodying the quality of Italian design in every single coffee espresso machine.

The Meseta EspressoTuo range

The EspressoTuo capsules and coffee espresso machines are not only available under the Coop brand but also under Meseta, Coind’s proprietary brand in the retail, vending and Ho.Re.Ca, so ready to delight final consumers with the instantly recognizable character and flavour of Coind coffee blends.

The Meseta EspressoTuo range is currently only available on foreign markets.

In addition to the tea and barley coffee capsules, Coind has also created 3 different blends for Meseta-branded capsules, each with its own special flavour:

  • Classico - A blend with a harmonious, enveloping flavour, obtained from a careful and almost equal mix of Arabica and Robusta

  • Intenso - A blend with a strong, deep flavour, the full-bodied taste of Robusta taking the lead with a hint of Arabica to allow the palate to breathe.

  • Supremo 100% - Coffee with an unmistakeable flavour. All the quality of the best Coind Arabicas

These first 3 blends give an idea of the variety that can be offered. What is the flavour of a 100% Robusta blend? Perhaps ideal for braver palates. And with a higher percentage of Arabica? Perhaps the result is similar to a 100% Arabica blend, but with a little more body and depth.

The combinations are not easy, and skill and product knowledge are needed to create the perfect blend, and this is exactly what Coind puts into every creation.

The EspressoTuo range represents a concrete business opportunity for anyone looking for a platform to market entirely with their own brand. Compared to other solutions, the Coind patented solution can be moulded and adapted to the business design specifications of every single client, and this guarantees the freedom and flexibility that are not otherwise possible, as well as the extension of the range Coind can produce for private label clients.

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