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Who doesn't love the smell and aroma of coffee which, wafting around the room, warms the atmosphere with its unmistakeable fragrance?

And if such moments of enjoyment are mixed with practicality, speed and respect for the environment, then sipping a cup of coffee becomes a real moment of total relaxation.

Coind, a connoisseur and expert of the coffee market, well knows how popular coffee in ESE pods has become, and that’s why it supplies its clients with private label productions in this format, using coffee of the highest quality and custom blends, so each pod fully mirrors the client’s needs and can satisfy the demands of the niche market it aims to capture.

Coffee pod manufacturing is a business that Coind has successfully cultivated, working both to create this format for other brands and by distributing ESE pods through its own brands Meseta and Attibassi, bringing home all the fragrance and aroma of great coffee.

Production of ESE coffee pods for private labels

Coind manufactures paper pods in 44mm format, which perfectly meet the ESE standard.

The Easy Serving Espresso system (that’s what the acronym E.S.E means) sets out to offer a common standard for all coffee producers, freeing end consumers from form factors or patents, allowing them to choose the pod they like best, and combining it with the machine they feel works best for them.

For anyone wishing to market their own brand of ESE pods, this means they can work in a market that is always open to new proposals, maintaining this virtue thanks to universal formats.

Coind therefore ensures that its pods can work well with all ESE system machines.

The coffee sealing, fundamental for preventing leaks during espresso dispensing, is assured by two sheets of heat-welded filter paper, with 7 grams of coffee in every pod.

The pods are then individually wrapped in aluminium, to preserve the ground coffee’s freshness and aroma in the best possible way.

In contrast to coffee capsules, pods cannot guarantee the organoleptic properties of the coffee as they are completely breathable and permeable to water and humidity.

That’s why it is important to seal them individually in a suitable coupled aluminium sachet, which can also be fully customised, to keep in all the sensorial characteristics and flavour.

Every sachet can then be packaged according to the client’s instructions, choosing between the box of 16 pods or larger pack of 100 loose pods.

The double packaging, complete customisation of the aluminium sachets and total flexibility in terms of coffee blends allow Coind to create products of the highest quality, also available with organic coffee blends, for products which “from bean to bin” can always be defined as eco-sustainable.

The history of ESE pods and their dissemination

Coffee pod manufacturing dates back almost 80 years, even though the popularity of this product reached Italy only in the 2000s.

The first examples of ESE pods were found in the 1940s in the United States when two friends, Cyrus Melikian and Lloyd Rudd, decided to build an automatic machine for dispensing infused coffee, authentic American coffee but using powder packaged in a paper filter, just like tea bags.

The idea worked, and in the 1950s some franchising chains of coffee bars spread across the country serving this product.

To see this product in Italy, however, we had to wait a few more years, 1974 to be precise, when a machine and a format were invented dedicated to the professional sector and bars, thus expressly designed to save time and money for barmen, providing an easier and quicker product than normal espresso.

So what prevented these tiny containers from making headway in the bar world?

Perhaps an error in evaluating the target; perhaps a lack of real savings, or, simply, the loss of those habits and gestures that are typical of espresso coffee prepared with coffee ground on the spot.

Perhaps clients and professionals would have lost a bit of that poetry which has always embodied espresso del bar, but not all was lost.

The spread in offices and homes

Although bars didn’t seem to like this format, or at least not Italian bars, there was still a large market segment open to coffee capsules.

Anyone who liked coffee but didn’t have room for a stock of beans, or had no time to clean up the ground coffee spilled, could soon be open to this innovation.

And they were.

The first coffee pods and the first coffee espresso machine using pods reached offices in the late 80s, and the setting here, far more suitable than in the bars, marked their success. Companies could offer their staff and clients a good espresso directly in the work place, and coffee pods soon became part of the furniture in many offices and industries.

The next step was to bring portioned coffee into homes, where over the years the presence of ESE pods has grown constantly.

Today it is estimated that, in Italy alone, over 250,000 tonnes of coffee pods are consumed at home.

Sales in the portioned coffee market have increased constantly in supermarkets, in contrast to other formats, and the segment is not affected by reductions in the market or in consumption, because its characteristics (practicality, speed, cleaning, flavour), offer a winning product for families.

In fact, over 4 million Italians use ESE coffee pods, divided equally between those owning coffee machines working with both ESE pods and ground coffee or machines that work only with pods.

These figures instantly allow us to appreciate the possibilities afforded by the pods market which, with strong characteristics and constant growth, is always open to new players.

This format also has the advantage of supporting the ethical choices of consumers, not only those dictated by cost. Made from only paper and coffee, the pods and fully biodegradable and have no impact on the environment, and are thus excellent products for today and for tomorrow, already in line with the future developments of the coffee world and industrial production generally.

Are you interested in an opportunity like this? Then carpe diem! Take the opportunity to work with a partner with extensive experience in the coffee sector like Coind. The production for proprietary brands Meseta and Attibassi, as well as the production of private label ESE pods, for many years, have allowed the company to gain experience and knowledge, basing the production on the values of eco-sustainability and respect for workers in the production areas, which make Coind great to drink, in every sense.

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