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The production of capsules that are compatible with the most popular systems on the market is both a matter of pride and a mission for Coind. It is a way of doing business that the company has supported and promoted since its establishment, at the time a unique case in Italy, but which has allowed it to make a stand in the national and international market as a key player and a reliable partner for white label productions.

Coind’s history is one of a group which, starting from an innovative idea at the time, has been able to exploit its intuition, in the most profitable way for itself, its employees and collaborators, and for the environment and the community it works in, implementing eco-sustainable and environmental production techniques.

Starting from these premises, it is clear how the company understands and mirrors the business efforts of those wishing to start a business marketing private-label coffee. Anyone with this business idea needs to work with a partner with expertise in the production of white label coffee capsules, a partner who can advise them, understanding their needs and guiding them in the best way to develop their own business.

For clients in this situation, Coind has developed and optimised the production of compatible Lavazza A Modo Mio capsules in the private label formula. This format is produced by carefully following the production specifications dictated by Lavazza, which has an increasingly large market segment rooted in the local territory, and which therefore offers solid foundations for future business developments and activities.

Let’s have a look at the specifications and particularities of white label compatible Lavazza A Modo Mio capsules.

Specifications of white label compatible Lavazza A Modo Mio capsules

Without an eye for detail we will never be able to create a high quality product. This consideration applies to any sector, and in the portioned coffee market it means the use of the best blends of Arabica and Robusta, with the use of tried-and-tested, quality materials used for containers and packaging, the coffee processed with attention to every single roasted coffee bean, and finally with capsule and container design and graphics that are as appealing to the eye as the espresso extracted from the capsules is to the palate.

The blend in every capsule is made from 7 to 7.3 grams of roasted, ground coffee depending on the blend. The grinding method guarantees that, when extracted, the coffee in the capsule produces an espresso with a strong fragrance and a persistent cream, features which are sought after by the most demanding palates that enjoy the taste of real espresso coffee.

A Modo Mio compatible capsules produced by Coind are barrier capsules, made from PP/EVOH/PP. These codes stand for sealing materials which are illustrated in detail below:

  • PP: polypropylene. This material is used to create both the inner and outer layer of the capsule. This polymer creates containers offering excellent resistance to the high temperatures reached by coffee espresso machines, and are not subject to breakage or damage which could be caused during handling. A layer of EVOH is inserted between two sheets of PP because this second polymer ensures the full insulation of the aromas inside the capsule, which cannot be guaranteed by the use of PP alone.

  • EVOH: Ethylene vinyl alcohol, otherwise known as EVOH, is used to make the intermediate layer of the capsule, which as explained helps to keep in all the aromas of the coffee powder until the espresso is extracted into the cup. This a very common material used in the food packaging sector, and is often used together with polypropylene (PP). EVOH ensures excellent impermeability to gas, but fears humidity, and this is why it is sealed between two layers of PP.

It is important to underline that the barrier capsules don’t need to be sealed inside a package or box to prevent deterioration, as they can individually keep in the original coffee aroma until percolation.

The aluminium foil seal is fully customisable. Consumers will have no doubts: what they are enjoying is exactly the coffee they prefer.

Guaranteeing even more choice and compliance with the demands of both clients and the market, Coind offers the possibility to all clients to customise the colour of the capsule lids as they like, to allow consumers to find their favourite blend at a glance.

The films can be easily separated from the plastic used to make the capsule, allowing both wrappings and coffee grounds inside the capsule to be correctly recycled after use.

Of course the capsules produced are fully compatible with Lavazza A Modo Mio machines, and this means that every product can be dispensed and enjoyed whatever the machine used by the consumer, provided the platform is suited to the use of these capsules.

And to conclude our presentation, we must not forget the packaging. These coffee capsules are sold in boxes of 15 of cartons of 100 loose capsules, the ideal system for those looking to sell solutions suited to both businesses and large families.

Is the sale of compatible Lavazza A Modo Mio capsules a sound business choice?

When planning a coffee capsule or pod sales activity, you have to ask which is the best platform for developing your business. This step must be followed, you must ask yourself this question.

Since its establishment in Turin in 1895, Lavazza has grown over the years and today offers interesting market and sales figures for those intending to use its platforms to develop and market white label coffee.

The company boasts a turnover on the Italian retail marked of almost 41%, thus with a large and easily attackable user base for those aiming to market high-quality solutions and sophisticated products.

Moreover, the brand is present in over 90 countries around the world, with around 27 billion coffee capsules sold globally every year.

Underlining the good results that can be obtained by selling capsules that are compatible with the A Modo Mio system, we should add that Coind also produces and markets capsules that are compatible with this platform using its own brand Meseta. The current range includes 3 blends with different flavours and aromas:

  • Intenso

  • Classico

  • Supremo 100% Arabica

  • Decaffeinato.

The blends can of course be used, along with many others, to create private label products. Like the packaged white label solutions, Meseta capsules come in 16-capsule boxes or cartons of 12 boxes each (192 capsules per pack).

Coind thus also offers private label compatible Lavazza A Modo Mio capsules as it firmly believes that this is an excellent opportunity for business development. Supported by a name like that of the Turin-based company, it won’t be hard to create and satisfy a need and a niche market. Although the packaged coffee sector seems to be more saturated every year, in fact technological and IT innovations continue to pave the way for new scenarios and markets for investors wishing to develop the new business opportunities offered every day.

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