Capsule Systems

Capsule systems

The coffee market has many different facets and specifications. It is a complex, varied business, with many variables, and anyone who decides to venture into a business of this kind must have experience and knowledge.

Investors wishing to work in the coffee world must have expert knowledge of coffee growing and bean processing, to understand which plantations and varieties to select, and what are the effects of their work on the small green berries.

In addition to that, they should well know how the flavour and taste of the coffee is affected by how the beans are processed, to create perfect blends suited to their own niche market, in addition to all the other economic, organisational and marketing skills a businessman could or should have.

It is clear that this knowledge is too vast for just one man, however expert and motivated. So why not rely on a coffee pod manufacturer with extensive experience and concrete knowledge of the sector like Coind? Since its establishment, the company has been renowned for the quality and performance of its private label productions, over the years collaborating with major national and international partners including Coop; Conad; Camst, as well as Carrefour and Dunkin Donuts.

With the advent of new coffee, pod and capsule marketing formats, the company honed its talents and became an expert in the processing and white label coffee capsule packaging. The exclusive blends, combined with impeccable processing and the practicality of these solutions, have made a huge impact on the market, dictating its development in recent years.

Increasingly strong competition has led companies to research more and more into blends and the quality of the coffee beans, to obtain an increasingly high quality product. However, the race for quality risks leaving many businesses behind, those which are unable to cope with change have been forced to abandon the sector and work in other fields.

If you don't want to abandon your dreams and your business, it is therefore important to rely on a partner who is an expert in private-label coffee pod packaging like Coind, counting on the advice and guidance of a company that has made the coffee sector its home since 1961.

The formats used by Coind to produce compatible capsules

As illustrated, coffee capsule and pod production cannot be left to chance, or to improvisation or recycled players, as profound knowledge of the sector is required to create products that stand out on supermarket shelves, in specialist stores or on-line.

We must also not forget that choosing the format on which to develop your ideas has a great impact on a company's future possibilities.

It is important to choose a popular format launched by the proprietary company, and which above all does not run the risk of being abandoned overnight.

This is why Coind has specialised in the production of compatible capsules for the most common and popular formats; to offer its clients a real, profitable and concrete business opportunity.

Coind is a white-label ESE coffee pod manufacturer, its products compatible with all the machines that work with this format, as well as a wide range of capsules that are compatible with most systems on the market, which are in detail:

The company is also specialised in the production of white label biodegradable and compostable capsules, a choice that meets not only the ethical needs expressed by consumers but also the environmentalist and eco-sustainable mission of Coind.

It is fundamental to be able to produce increasingly less waste, to help the planet recover and maintain a climatic balance, so this type of capsule is also supported by research that goes beyond the food and beverage sector.

A cup of espresso coffee can offer many more benefits than we may think.

Nespresso compatible capsules

When we talk of coffee capsules, one of the first names that springs to mind is undoubtedly Nespresso.

The Swiss company has been working in this field for years, and we may say that it was the pioneer of this sector, as it was one of the first companies to sell household coffee espresso machines and capsule systems.

These elements make us think that it is a wise, profitable idea to base our business on this solution, relying on Coind to produce and sell private-label Nespresso compatible capsules.

Our company guarantees perfect compatibility of the capsules produced with all Nespresso machines, whatever the model used by the consumer, as they are produced by perfectly following the original format designed by the parent company.

Lavazza compatible capsules

Another big name when we talk about coffee is certainly Lavazza.

The company from Turin managed to develop two different yet complementary and equally successful standards for coffee in capsules:

These two systems allow the company to cover different markets and customer profiles, and allow investors to sell compatible capsules to many more people, both for household and business or office use.

We therefore have to carefully assess the opportunities offered by the sale of Lavazza compatible capsules with the private label formula, as this platform can offer really great room for manoeuvre and growth.

Dolce Gusto compatible capsules

In recent years Nestlé has succeeded in rearing another brand in addition to Nespresso.

This is Dolce Gusto, which year after year has gained market shares and offers a new, profitable platform where the compatible capsule business can prosper.

A good business is evaluated not only by its presence at the time of the market analysis, but also and above all by the capacity for growth it has shown over the years. These aspects make up the winning hand of the Dolce Gusto system, which can count on solid bases and growing figures and promising results over the years.

This is why Coind offers the production of Dolce Gusto coffee capsules for other brands, and is able to advise its clients on the newest and most profitable way to market coffee capsules.

EspressoTuo compatible capsules

EspressoTuo is the proprietary system, developed by Coind, which acts as a platform suitable not only for the creation of compatible capsules but also as a system to adopt when intending to market your own coffee machines. This strategy was followed by Coop, one of Italy’s most popular supermarket chains, which together with Coind developed a line of own-brand coffee capsules including one, Tintoretto, made with organic coffee, from fairtrade plantations, and with compostable and biodegradable capsules.

Like Coop, in EspressoTuo every businessman can find a system ready to be marketed and sold in large retail markets and online, to bring life to his own platform.


All the capsules described above, along with the production of white-label ESE pods and biodegradable and compostable coffee capsules, complete the Coind range of white-label coffee pod packaging.

The quality and experience of our productions is what has allowed us to always be one step ahead in the creation of our solutions, but these are also the values which drive us on to continue to challenge our own limits and obtain even better results.

Are you interested in selling coffee capsules and pods with your own brand? Contact us, and you will come into contact with coffee experts and connoisseurs who have made their favourite drink their profession.

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