Private Label Coffee Capsules

The best way to market compatible coffee capsules with your own brand

We have over 50 years of experience in offering solutions for private label capsules


Coind, founded in 1961 in Castelmaggiore, is an industrial group that has always specialised and made its name in coffee processing, following the developments in this sector since its birth, and over time has developed and today is a leading manufacturer of coffee capsules for private labels and distributor-branded ESE coffee pods.

Today doing business in the compatible capsule world is a concrete idea of business, and when done well can offer very interesting returns for investors.

Based on the most common systems on the market, it guarantees new businesses a loyal customer base just waiting to be intercepted and to sell the capsules to.

We must however study and develop a product that can stand out in the market with its very own unmistakeable flavour, as well as an appealing design that, at a glance, communicates the inviting aroma to be enjoyed once the espresso coffee is made.

And this is why you need to rely on a company like Coind for your production. The company’s skill and professionalism in processing and packaging of private label coffee capsules and ESE coffee pods has, over the years, allowed it to work with a wide range of prestigious clients. Not only large retail groups, but also many smaller businesses who turned to Coind to develop their business idea and market its own innovative products.

Specialising in the production of private-label coffee capsules means understanding and listening to the needs of both producers and consumers, acting as an intermediary to satisfy the business and marketing needs of the former and the needs expressed by the latter. This delicate role demands an in-depth knowledge of the sector, and the intrinsic features of Coind has allowed it to become a key player and partner for those seeking to bring their own coffee brand to life.

Do you want to produce or sell capsules with your own brand?